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Submit an NCAA Eligibility Center application. 

Make sure to set up meeting with counselor to make sure you are on the correct path with your courses.  


Narrow down your college list.  

  • Important to be realistic with both your academic and athletic goals.

  • Should set some time aside to meet with your current coach or advisor to get appropriate feedback. 

  • If your high school is providing college fairs, it is important to attend those and meet with the admission staff/recruiter from the   schools you have on your list.

  • Knowledge of each school's admissions requirements.

  • Setting up visits to schools with your parents and interested college coaches 


Check the registration deadlines for the SAT and ACT . Once you know the dates, make sure you sign up.  


Take the SAT or ACT whichever you prefer and feel more comfortable with.  

  • Once you create dialogue with a college coach, it is important to reply to all emails/phone calls from college coaches, and keep lines of communication open. 

  • Make sure you are updating all coaches about your game/tournament schedules for the upcoming season.  

  • Continue to update your recruiting profile , especially your highlight video.  


Build your free student-athlete profile, find schools that are a fit and connect with college coaches.

SportsRecruits puts you in control of the recruiting process.



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