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Meet with your high school counselor to review and revise your academic plan 

Ensure that your class schedule meets the NCAA core course requirements 


Ask questions regarding AP classes so that you are on the correct track for the schools of your choice. 


Look back at your long list of schools, begin to narrow down your list a bit. 

Take the PSAT 


Create Match, Reach, and Safety school list as you research your prospective colleges. 

  • Match - Schools that match your academic and athletic profile. Meaning GPA, Test scores, etc.  

  • Reach - Schools that are difficult to get in or have low acceptance rates. 

  • Safety - Schools that you should feel comfortable getting into given your academic and athletic profile. 

  • Meaning they are above your current Academic and/or playing ability. 


Create your profile on a recruiting platform. CSA players will be able to use SportsRecruits  


Make sure to stay tuned to different webinars that are being offered by recruiting platforms. 


Cedarstars will offer a college night every fall so please make sure to attend in person or via our webinar/online events. 


Start to compile a list of games from current season and begin to create a highlight video of yourself (no longer than 6 minutes).  


D1 and DII schools are not allowed to communicate with players/parents directly through email or phone (Division III are allowed) until June 15th of sophomore year, therefor, if you are interested in a school, please fill out a recruiting questionnaire


Build your free student-athlete profile, find schools that are a fit and connect with college coaches.

SportsRecruits puts you in control of the recruiting process.



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