HB Køge was founded in 2009 as a merger between the two traditional clubs Herfølge Boldklub and Køge Boldklub. Both clubs
have won the Danish championship on several occasions, most recently in 2000, when Herfølge Boldklub wrote history as one
of the most surprising champions of all time in Danish football.


With the mother clubs having great and long lasting traditions in the top tier of Danish football and having produced many national team players such as Jon Dal Tomasson and Søren Larsen, HB Køge aims to develop some of the most exciting talents

in Danish football.

The youngest HB Køge-team is U15 and the oldest is the senior squad. Amongst the youth teams HB Køge aims to have a
strong local bond, meaning many of the players going through the academy are local talents. However, since beginning to work
with Capelli Sport the club also wants to be attractive for the best Capelli Sport-players from all over the world. Today in the
senior squad, there is a strong mix of regional, national and foreign international players. The senior squad plays in the second
tier, 1. Division. Most of the youth teams play in the second top tier as well, as ranked by the FA.


Currently the club trains and plays at the brand new Capelli Sport Stadium inaugurated in May 2019.



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