College Liason

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Cedar Stars Academy - Monmouth continues to recognize the importance of college placement. Thus, we have now added professional support to our team in order to educate and assist families during the college selection process.

Jack Koczan has been selected as College Liaison for Cedar Stars Academy- Monmouth. Koczan is a USDA AP Coach who will assist Cedar Stars Academy - Monmouth athletes during the networking process with college coaches.

The functions of the college liaison are listed below:

•  Guide player engagement in outreach development with college coaches through our college

    platform known as Sports Recruits

•  Assist with the arrangement of college coaches to attend home and selective away games

•  Regularly audit athletes outreach and offer support

•  Assist athletes in evaluating ID Camps

•  Gain feedback from scouts

•  Provide feedback from Cedar Stars Academy Alumni athletes


Cedar Stars Academy- Monmouth uses three technology-based platforms to assist with player development and build upon their student athlete profiles.

Sports Recruits - The Sports Recruits platform provides crucial contact information, as well as detailed profiles, for Colleges and Universities across the United States. Each of our high-school age group athletes receive access to sports recruits to build their student-athlete profile and take ownership of the college process.  The platform provides e-communication to college coaches around the country, as well as the ability to summarize their athletic and academic profile in one, organized location. 


Stream Sports – Stream Sports is a state-of-the-art platform for video analysis and recording. Our Development Academy and USYS National League EDP programs will have access to their home matches, which will provide opportunities for video analysis sessions, as well as, creating of videos through the platform’s clipping tool. Through this opportunity, players have the chance to create videos to accompany their Sports Recruits profiles.


InStat - InStat will be used as a player specific performance analytical program for our Development Academy teams. This program will provide a statistical analysis of individual player performance metrics in functional areas.