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At Cedar Stars we realize that each player develops in a different way and over a different amount of time. No two athletes are the same.  Our philosophy is based on technical ball skill and the work necessary to refine this skill, which in turn, will allow the player to graduate to the next level of the game. 


We firmly believe in a positive culture and environment where players can learn through teaching and understanding.  Our coaches treat each player with respect and focus on teaching this quality to the players as well. 


We view our coaches as teachers, and we break down training and matches based on the ages they are coaching, similar to the classroom. 

Below are the levels of our program and a brief explanation of each:




Our focus and philosophy in The Foundation is based on one main goal: FUN! 

We want these young players who are being introduced to professional coaching for the first time to enjoy every minute of training.  Our coaches and curriculum are focused on this main goal.  Within this, there is always work to be done.  At this stage, habits are created and technical skills are taught to each individual player at Cedar Stars Academy.  Each player will participate in age-appropriate small-sided games.  It is also important to realize results are irrelevant at this stage, and it is the love of the game and the technical foundation that are the main goals.



As players graduate from the foundation, the coaching and focus are accelerated, and players are pushed to refine their technical skills.  The implementation of speed of play and team concepts are introduced.  Players have different growth spurts at different times during this stage.  Understanding this and knowing that the biggest, tallest, strongest player at the age of 11 won’t necessarily be the same at 17 or 18.  Because of this 'The Building Phase' introduces players to several different positions within a team, but the primary focus continues to stay on the individual.  It should be noted that results are still secondary and measurements of success include technical ability of both the individuals and the team as a whole, and learning how to play at the right speed - in the right style.



After graduating through the first two stages of development at CSA, the Academy is the final and most intense program in our club.  Philosophically, we continue to focus on the individual’s technical ability, but we add to this focus by working in team concepts.  Players begin to learn positions on the field, philosophies and formations, and how the individual fits in to a successful team.  Speed of play becomes more important, understanding roles and decisions on the field are emphasized, and the competitive piece is added at a more intense level.  Results are tracked, but we are still focused on the individual and not on team results.  Again, we believe that with individual success comes team success.


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