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The CEDAR STARS ACADEMY - STATEN ISLAND ROOTS PROGRAM is a soccer skill and leadership development program for ages 3-7. Our academy has created a holistic approach to developing young minds, young athletes and skillful soccer players.

Our curriculum focuses on soccer specific skill components - dribbling, passing and receiving, striking, 1v1, turning, ball mastery technique and combination play. The lesson plan every week includes a word of the day that we teach and model such as Resilience, Determination, Confidence and Courage.

Our structured sessions are a balance of Instruction, Imagination and Competition - we ensure the young athletes acquire and apply soccer skills in fun role-playing and competitive small-sided games. The young athletes get a chance to be cops and robbers, pirates seeking treasure, racecars, attacking and defending jets, superheroes, ninjas ... and we hope they leave as growing leaders, competitors, skillful soccer players and fans of the beautiful game.


Who should sign up for the ROOTS program?

- Young players who are looking for a great introduction to this great sport of soccer

- Young players looking to learn skills to add to their passion for the sport

- Young players looking to learn while playing and developing their psychosocial skills in a "team environment"

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