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HB Køge is a professional football club founded in 2009 as a merger of two of the proudest clubs in Danish football, Herfølge Boldkluband Køge Boldklub, both former Danish Champions.


HB Køge was established through a mutual ambition of developing and runninga football club with the aim to compete with the best.In addition to the proud history and three Danish Championships, HB Køge and the two mother clubs have a great history in terms of developing talents. Both mother clubs have developed players for Danish and International football as well as the Danish National Team.


HB Køge is located in Køge, a growing city just a 30 minute car ride or 18 minute train ride outside of Copenhagen, and is easyto reach from the airport.

Through this unique set up, CSA is able to offer a portal to Europe and the professional game for both male and female players.


From youth invitational camps, and CSA regularly sending teams to Denmark to compete and be seen by scouts to players going on professional trials within the club and partnering entities, CSA is able to open a whole new world to our academy players. 


The respective clubs work diligently side by side to offer opportunities to prospective players to gain the experience and the absolute adventure of it all with the hope of pushing on as a professional player.

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Welcome to Køge, Denmark!


Køge is home to 60,000 citizens. This growing city, just a 30 minute drive from Copenhagen Airport, is the center of transport and logistics in the corridor between Scandinavia and Europe. Due to its location, Køge represents an infrastructural meeting point where three highways, a growing harbor area and the new international high-speed railway intersection.


Home of HB Køge


- Will hold a capacity for 6,000 spectators, 4,000 seated

- A brand new VIP Lounge to hold up to 600 guests on gameday

- New turf field approved for the Danish Superliga, UEFA and FIFA


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