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At Cedar Stars Academy, we provide a comprehensive player pathway from youth to professional and pre-professional levels. Our players have the opportunity to compete at the highest level of youth soccer in the US in the MLS NEXT, GIRLS ACADEMY, NATIONAL ACADEMY LEAGUE or ELITE 64 platforms with their placement dictated by their projected timeline and level of skill, these platforms along with the EDP platform allow for players to really explore and develop through their most informative years.


More importantly, we meticulously prepare and direct our players to pursue the college game to further their academic and soccer careers. Our college record speaks for itself as we religiously and continuously pave the way for players to attend the biggest and most recognized institutions in the country. Our comprehensive player pathway ensures that no matter the level of ability, our players will have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our College Soccer pathway is a source of pride for the academy. We strive to push players to the highest level and our commitment to their development is reflected in the fact that many of our players have gone on to compete at leading Division 1 Colleges and Programs.


We have a long history of success in aiding, directing and providing a step by step guide to entering and exploring what the College Process has to offer. Through our vast college network our coaches and staff are dedicated to providing our players with the best possible opportunities for success. We are proud to have been part of the journey for our players as they take the next step and compete at the college level.

CSA has resolutely and strategically expanded its horizon and has acquired through its owners shares, a variety of international teams to compliment its ever growing stable of Pro Pathway Partner Clubs.

This action together with the restructure of our own residential program allows for an even greater scope of possibilities including a fully integrated pathway to a professional career. All of these opportunities align with our current growth and dedication to provide another level to the players’ experience on and off the field.




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