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Cedar Stars Academy – Hudson Valley’s primary goal is to develop successful soccer players so they can succeed within the highest levels of the game.

Players acquire the foundation for success through the principles of our highly recognized and lauded Roots Program.

Our Roots Program staff has one focus in every training session: instilling the technical and psychological foundation required for success in the sport at both the youth and professional levels.


We believe the love of the game is an immeasurable tool players need to reach the long-term achievements  within the sport. Our mission is to create this passion in a fun, yet challenging, training environment through the Cedar Stars Academy curriculum.


The beginners program is designed to break the ice and have the kids foster a genuine love for the game. Kids will train at the Capelli Sport Complex in Chester NY with a team of professional coaches who are able to immediately turn the kids into little soccer players with the use of fun activities. The program is intense and challenging that will teach strict discipline while constantly learning along with keeping the ultimate goal in mind of graduating the kids into our program.


One and the same with beginners however this stage is where players begin to get streamed to train at a level more suited to their own personal development. The players learn what it is to compete and become indoctrinated into the CSA Culture. Here is the stage where players start to better understand what the game is all about and slowly push on with their developmental timeline.


Here the kids are introduced to the game and immediately start learning the basics.


Here the kids would have been hand selected to graduate the beginners program to enter an even more intense training structure.


This age group we see as very important. The technical level and positional understanding comes into play here as the kids get prepared physically and mentally for travel teams.

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